My talk (+VIDEO)

ADDED: link to video

My talk

I had a chance to give a talk in 2019 at San Francisco few weeks ago. My talk was in the Sequential Data track.

Here’s the link to my talk. I talked about the procedure of applying deep learning (or machine learning in general) for audio-related task. Abstract was like..

Is deep learning Alchemy? No! But it heavily relies on tips and tricks, a set of common wisdom that probably works for similar problems. In this talk, I’ll introduce what the audio/music research societies have discovered while playing with deep learning when it comes to audio classification and regression — how to prepare the audio data and preprocess them, how to design the networks (or choose which one to steal from), and what we can expect as a result.

Slide deck is shared on  Let me embed here too.

Or, video link here again!


It was my first time attending this kind of conference, less academic and more software engineer-targeted one. Putting aside the difference you can easily expect, after the talk, they gave me some stats of my talk/session/the whole conference, which were..

My talk
Attendees: 34
Vote: 26
Green votes: 96.2%
Yellow votes: 3.8%
Red votes: 0.0%

Track: Sequential Data: Natural Language, Time Series, and Sound
Attendees in total: 422
Green votes: 87.0%
Yellow votes: 12.7%
Red votes: 0.3%

Conference Average
Green votes:: 87.6%
Yellow votes: 11.8%
Red votes: 0.6%

Almost everyone involved was happy (high precision!) So.. enjoy! 🙂

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