(Almost) Exhaustive list of papers with Convolutional NN and Music signal

I’m filling this Google sheet, which hopefully incorporates an exhaustive list of paper with convnet and music. It consists of

  • metadata
    • year
    • name of conference
    • google scholar link
    • pdf link
    • bibtex
    • title
    • authors
  • problem definition
  • input
    • name of dataset
    • number of songs
    • sampling rate
    • used time-frequency representation
    • durations
  • result of experiment
  • convnet architecture
    • loss function
    • number of layers
    • kernel size
    • number of fully-connected layers
    • how it is regularised

Now there’s 25 papers from 2009 to 2015 and will be updated as soon as I spot more. Please feel free to get some info/idea of how people are using it!




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